Common Core Resources on the TLC Website: ALL ELA Trajectory Analysis Charts Are Now Available!!!

The Literacy Cookbook COVERA while back, I explained how important it is to employ Trajectory Analysis Charts on the ELA Common Core Standards so that teachers and school leaders can see the progression of standards from grade to grade and use these tools not only to design curriculum but also to determine where their students are when it comes to any given standard.

In my first post on this subject, I showed the trajectory of RIT (Reading Informational Text) Standard #1 from K-12.  You could look at that chart and say, “Hey, my fourth-graders are all on grade level with this standard” or “Well, some are, and some aren’t.”  If you said the latter, you’d have to figure out who exactly was not on grade level and what to do about it.  Some might be on the first-grade level; some might be on the third.  They would need different interventions.

Using Trajectory Analysis Charts for diagnostic measures is, I think, the wave of the future.  If you’re teaching seventh-graders and you know that half of them have not mastered the fifth-grade step of a particular standard (say, RIT Standard #2), you can identify what’s required of the fifth-grade version of that standard and teach those skills, then move on to the sixth-grade version, then the seventh.  You cannot simply skip those steps; students need to go through them in order to reach grade-level mastery.

The beauty of the Common Core Standards is that for the most part they lay out clearly and specifically (Caveat: Some standards, esp. in Writing, are heavily bundled—more like 10 standards in one) what students need to be able to do in each grade.  So we can design instruction to target and build those skills.

So, I am pleased to report this GOOD NEWS: The Trajectory Analysis Charts for ALL of the ELA Standards are now available on the TLC “Standards” page!!!

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