PARCC Prep: How to Unpack Reading Assessment Results

LITERACY AND THE COMMON COREMany schools use interim assessments to track student progress and adjust instruction accordingly. This post offers a process for making sense of the results.

  1. Identify any standards where students scored below 65%.
  1. Use the RIT/RL Trajectory Analysis Chart(s) on TLC “Standards” page. For each “weak” standard, consider:
  • Which of these standards have you taught? How?
  • What level are MOST of your students on, in fact?
  • What skills are students missing, based on the Trajectory?
  • What are you going to do about that?
  • Note any students who scored below 65% overall. Any surprises? What do they seem to need the most support with?
  • Are there standards that a SMALL group of students are struggling with? You can plan small-group work accordingly.
  1. For each “weak” standard, look at the wording of the questions on the test. Also, if possible, cross-reference with the PARCC online practice test questions. Refer to the appropriate PARCC practice test and PARCC answer key.
  1. Make a plan for how you will help students master the standards they are struggling with.
  1. For additional support, see TLC “PARCC Prep” page.

*Note: This pertains to reading comprehension assessments, not reading-level assessments such as the DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment).

Many thanks to my friends at Soaring Heights Charter School for inspiring this post!


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