PARCC Technical Glitch: Highlighting Problems #PARCC

LITERACY AND THE COMMON COREI just received an Email from a teacher alerting me to a problem with the highlighting functionality on the ELA PARCC Online Practice Test. If you highlight something on one page, when you click forward to the next two questions, you cannot see what you highlighted. Ditto with the note-taking feature.

I confirmed this with a few different grades, then called PARCC to ask if they were aware of the problem. I don’t know if it will happen on the actual assessments, but obviously it might. And in the meantime, it’s a problem for anyone taking the practice tests.

The PARCC “customer service” rep refused to answer my question because I am not “a school or a district.” When I pointed out that I was trying to HELP them, he still would not answer. When I pointed out that he would probably get at least 500 phone calls today because of this, he was unmoved.

Check it out for yourself. If the highlighting that a student does on one page does not carry over, this will make it more challenging for students to capture ideas for their writing.

If you’d like to call them—if you’re “a school or a district”—the number is 888-493-9888. Maybe if they hear from enough people, they will actually solve the problem.

Thanks to Susan Chenelle for the heads up!




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5 Responses to PARCC Technical Glitch: Highlighting Problems #PARCC

  1. Jean Davis says:

    I called PARCC this morning and the lady was very kind but clueless. She said that she would talk to someone and they will either email me or call me with a response. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.

  2. Jean Davis says:

    Here their response:
    Hello Ms. Davis,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry, ticket # ######

    Your question regarding the reading test when you highlight a section and move to the next page and the highlighted section does not follow.

    This is a known incident (IMT0012316) and our development team is investigating the issue and working on a resolution. To answer your question, we hope to have it resolved before live testing.


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