Aligning Lessons with the Common Core Standards: NEW TLC RESOURCE!!!

As we design lessons to meet and exceed the ELA Common Core State Standards, it would be great to have a tool that matches resources up with those standards, right?

That’s what Anibal Garcia (of Queen City Academy CS) said to me a few weeks ago, and I wholeheartedly agreed. So we sat down and put this together. For grades 2-12. Yes.

You’re welcome.

Here’s a very brief snippet of what this looks like:


Reading Standards for Literature
Key Idea and Details
1 Cite the textual evidence that most strongly
supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly
as well as inferences drawn from the text.


RL.8.1 –Argument vs. Evidence: TLC Blog (“argument”)
–How to Find the Topic Sentence: TLC “Effective Topic Sentences”
–Evaluating Topic Sentences: TLC “Effective Topic Sentences”
–Selecting and Explaining Evidence: TLC Blog (“argument”)
–Paragraph Responses: TLC “Analyzing Literature”
–PARAGRAPH RESPONSE Scoring Checklist: TLC “Analyzing Literature”
–Chapter Notes organizer: TLC “Analyzing Literature” (Works best when scholars create and reference a reader’s notebook consisting of literary techniques, poetic techniques, and figurative language.)
–QIEE organizer: TLC “Analyzing Literature”
–DDAT organizer: TLC “Analyzing Literature”
–Story Detectives organizer: TLC “Analyzing Literature” (This organizer, at this grade level, can be used for scholars below grade level who are still developing reading skills. They should eventually transition into the QIEE Organizer.)

Want to see the whole thing (in a much more readable format)? Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Gr 8 ELA CCSS with RESOURCES – 8-9-17 file.

For Grades 2-12, go to the TLC “Standards” page to download the rest. I will update them periodically. If you have suggestions for revision or useful links to add, please Email me directly at

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