Dear friends,

I am thrilled to inform you that my latest book, Using Grammar to Improve Writing: Recipes for Action, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!!! To order a paperback or eBook, please click HERE. (Please note: The eBook is available today; the print version should be available on Amazon by June 4, I am told.  You can get the print version immediately at BookShop HERE; otherwise, it will be available on Amazon by June 4.)

How we frame grammar instruction matters. If you view it as “fixing incorrect sentences,” you teach it that way. If you view it as “building strong, compelling sentences,” you take a different approach. This book explains a new way to teach grammar—systematically and purposefully—in order to strengthen student writing. It offers detailed guidance on which grammar standards to teach when and how to use grammatical forms to capture ideas. This new approach will enable students to write more efficiently and effectively.

Using Grammar to Improve Writing answers these questions:

  • What should we STOP doing?
  • How can we teach grammar more effectively and integrate it with writing more systematically?
  • How can we help students who are not on grade level?
  • Which other factors affect how well we write?
  • What should we teach, grade by grade, in K-12 ELA?

Though pitched as a grammar instructional manual, this is secretly a book about how to teach students how to write clearly. It should be useful not only to K-12 educators but also to college writing instructors and writers interested in strengthening their practice.

“Don’t let the title scare you. Using Grammar to Improve Writing is a game-changing book focused on a new kind of grammar instruction. “Grammar” is an old word that’s generally scorned. We look back at it and think, Thank goodness we don’t use that anymore. When Sarah Tantillo uses the word, though, she means something very modern: the ability to use forms to capture ideas. This book shines a bright light on how to teach students to craft compelling sentences, effective paragraphs, powerful essays, and profound narratives.”—Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion 2.0, Practice Perfect, and Reading Reconsidered

IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK, please tell your friends and colleagues. Every little Facebook post or Tweet @SarahTantillo helps!

PS—If you haven’t already seen them, please check out my other books: The Literacy Cookbook: A Practical Guide to Effective Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Instruction AND Literacy and the Common Core: Recipes for Actionavailable through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Jossey-Bass/Wiley.


In case you are interested, my consulting services offer:

  • Literacy Coaching (observations and feedback, demo lessons, workshops)
  • Literacy Instruction Needs Analysis Reports
  • Curriculum Development Training and Support
  • Data Analysis and Re-teach Planning
  • Strategic Planning Support

With training on the following topics:

  • The Comprehension Process and 4 Key Critical Reading Skills
  • From Argument vs. Evidence to Effective Writing Instruction
  • Building Robust Vocabulary
  • Close Reading, Parts I and II
  • Using Grammar to Improve Writing
  • PARCC Prep: How to Prepare Students for the Writing Assessments
  • How to Teach with Novels/Narratives
  • Understanding by Design: Developing Effective Unit Plans
  • Designing RPM (Rigorous, Purposeful, Measurable) Objectives
  • Designing Effective Lesson Plans
  • Analyzing the ELA Common Core Standards
  • Scripting the Pitch


For more information, please contact me:

Sarah Tantillo, Ed.D., LLC

About theliteracycookbook

In addition to this blog, I am the creator of THE LITERACY COOKBOOK Website ( and ONLY GOOD BOOKS Blog (, and the author of THE LITERACY COOKBOOK: A Practical Guide to Effective Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Instruction (Jossey-Bass, 2012), LITERACY AND THE COMMON CORE: Recipes for Action (Jossey-Bass, 2014), and USING GRAMMAR TO IMPROVE WRITING: Recipes for Action (BookBaby, 2018). Check out my Website for more information about my consulting work.
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