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I’ve mentioned before here. Now I’d like to emphasize how useful this Website can be!

If you want to use a text that might be too much of a stretch for some students to read independently, you could copy and paste that text into and have students work with the simplified text.



Nearly a year and a half after Hurricane Maria, stories of hope and progress are emerging in Puerto Rico, just as the island’s tropical vegetation is flourishing once again. While there is still much work to be done, and some rural areas might not fully recover for years, the capital of San Juan has been humming along for months. With a few exceptions, shops, hotels and restaurants are operating as usual, and there are some noteworthy additions to the city’s lively dining scene. The cultural landscape is energetic as well: Lin-Manuel Miranda made headlines with his reprisal of the lead role in the musical “Hamilton,” which played at San Juan’s main performing arts center last month, and galleries in Santurce and Old San Juan are showcasing thought-provoking works by local artists. As always, you’ll find picturesque beaches, heady cocktails, contagious music and gregarious locals, more eager than ever to welcome visitors to their sunny corner of the Caribbean.

From “36 Hours in San Juan” by Paola Singer, NY Times, 2-7-19


Nearly a year and a half after Hurricane Maria, stories of hope and progress are newly appearing in Puerto Rico, just as the island’s (related to areas near the Equator/hot and humidgreen plants is growing/healthy/showing and waving once again. While there is still much work to be done, and some areas away from cities might not fully recover for years, the capital of San Juan has been humming along for months. With a few exceptions, shops, hotels and restaurants are operating as usual, and there are some important additions
to the city’s (full of life and energy) dining scene. The cultural (wide view of a nature scene/wide area of beautiful land) is (full of energy) as well: Lin-Manuel Miranda made headlines with his payback of the lead role in the musical “Hamilton,” which played at San Juan’s main performing arts center last
month, and galleries in Santurce and Old San Juan are showing off to people (something that causes people to start thinking) works by local artists.

As always, you’ll find beautiful beaches, very intelligent (but a little too much to take) cocktails, (able to be caught from other people) music and talkative locals, more eager than ever to welcome visitors to their sunny corner of the

Note: Be sure to check the results because sometimes gives synonyms that do not fit (e.g., “is growing/healthy/showing and waving” should be “are growing/healthy” in this case).

If you’re teaching vocabulary, here are a couple of ways to use

  • When you find context-laden sentences from that are a bit above your students’ grade level (e.g., because sentences from The New York Times tend to be at 8th grade or higher), you can paste them into com and have students work with the simplified text.

EXAMPLE for the vocabulary word “flourished”:

ORIGINAL: A global Spanish flu epidemic that flourished after the war claimed 650,000 American lives — five times the number of U.S. troops who perished in the war itself.

REWORDIFIED:worldwide Spanish flu widespread disease that flourished

after the war claimed 650,000 American lives–five times the number of U.S.

troops who died in the war itself.

  • When you want to create quiz questions that involve, say, a paragraph using vocabulary words, you could write the original version using the vocabulary words, then paste that paragraph into com and give students the modified version, with the words/phrases that have replaced the vocabulary words underlined. They would then have to insert the appropriate vocabulary words.


DIRECTIONS: Improve the paragraph below by crossing out the underlined weak words and replacing them with stronger words from our word bank.   Write the stronger word above the crossed-out word. Make sure to use the correct form of the word. I am looking for 4 vocabulary words to be used, but if you see other opportunities to use stronger vocabulary, I will give you extra credit for doing so (2 points each).

WORD BANK: flourish, emerge, rural areas, tropical, vegetation

Nearly a year and a half after Hurricane Maria, stories of hope and progress are newly appearing in Puerto Rico, just as the island’s (related to areas near the Equator/hot and humidgreen plants is growing/healthy/showing and waving once again. While there is still much work to be done, and some areas away from cities might not fully recover for years, the capital of San Juan has been humming along for months.

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