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ONLINE LEARNING: Three Zoom Tips to Increase Engagement

As we continue to learn about how various online tools work, here are three Zoom tips that can increase student engagement: Show students how to create a virtual background. Some students might be uncomfortable with their real-life setting; showing them how … Continue reading

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ONLINE LEARNING: How to Teach Writing with Zoom and Jamboard

Let’s say you’re teaching online with Zoom and you want to help students improve their writing. Let’s say you have 25 students—7th graders—who are reading Frederick Douglass’s 1845 memoir, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, and … Continue reading

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ONLINE LEARNING: How to Engage Students Using Zoom

Let’s say you’ve read my previous post and are now able to run secure Zoom meetings: so, no more crazy people Zoom-bombing your students.  Good. The next challenge is how not to bore the participants.  You don’t want to talktalktalk … Continue reading

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ONLINE LEARNING: Zoom Problems and Solutions (Week 1)

In this brave new world of online instruction, many of us have turned to Zoom as a communications platform for meetings and classes.  Although Zoom can be super-helpful, it’s also problematic. This past week, the middle schools I work with … Continue reading

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