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PARCC RST Prep: How to Connect Note-taking to Sentence Writing

Whether you are in the throes of “test prep season” or not, it’s important to teach students how to take effective notes (i.e., brief and suited to the question at hand) and turn those notes into sentences (then paragraphs and … Continue reading

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Narrative Writing Feedback Tools

Following up on my recent post about writing feedback in general, this post offers two tools targeting NARRATIVE writing specifically. As I’ve said many times before, I don’t believe in “peer editing,” which strikes me as “the blind leading the … Continue reading

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Another Cool Resource: C-SPAN!

Until very recently, I thought of C-SPAN as merely a government cable channel, a place to see the ongoing proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. So: ho hum. Not my favorite channel. But it turns out … Continue reading

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CURRICULUM RESOURCES & LINKS: A Page from The Literacy Cookbook Website

If you already subscribe to The Literacy Cookbook Website, you’re probably aware of the thousands of resources available. In addition to the Website’s 1,200-plus field-tested Word documents that you can download to use instantly with your students, I’ve also curated … Continue reading

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Every once in a while, I come across a Website that has so many resources on it that I am flabbergasted and not even sure how to describe it. PBS Learning Media is such a Website. No matter what grade … Continue reading

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PARCC ELA Prep Checklist

As a former high school English teacher who loves literature and loves to write, I do not believe in doing test prep 24/7. I believe tests are a genre, the same way that drama is a genre and poetry is … Continue reading

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PARCC Releases 2017 Items!

Apparently PARCC recently released 2017 ELA materials. To be honest, I’m not sure when they did this because I have not received their newsletter in months (in fact, I’m not sure they still send out newsletters). So I found out … Continue reading

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“Designing ELA PARCC Prep Materials That Fit in Your Curriculum”– SIGN UP NOW!

I’ll be presenting at NJPSA/FEA in Monroe Twp., NJ, all day on January 25! Here’s the blurb: Designing ELA PARCC Prep Materials That Fit in Your Curriculum Date: Jan 25, 2018 Time: 9am – 3pm Location: FEA Conference Center Presenter: … Continue reading

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Looking for Essential Literacy Work PD? SIGN UP NOW!

If you are looking for professional development support on Essential Literacy Work, I encourage you to attend my full-day training session at NJPSA/FEA on Oct. 2 from 9am-3pm! Here’s the link for more information: http://njpsa.org/documents/pdf/PDCalFall2017-web.pdf Here’s the blurb: PARCC ELA … Continue reading

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PARCC Prep: Literary Analysis Writing DEMO LESSON

As I’ve noted in posts about the PARCC Narrative Writing Task Lesson Cycle, the PARCC Literary Analysis Lesson Task Cycle, and Research Simulation Task Lesson Cycle, it’s really important to provide and explain models of the work we expect. That … Continue reading

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